About Us

Our Story

Canvasations is a non-profit company based in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa, started by artist Alani Nel, with the support of her husband and sister.

Our vision is to create a platform through art that opens conversations to uplift and inspire. Art is a powerful tool in all spheres of life. We wish for Canvasations to make a difference in homes, classrooms and the workplace.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to bring art to the people. We wish to use this platform to inspire and encourage people to celebrate their worth and spread joy wherever they go. We believe that everyone can use what they have in their hands to do something amazing, not only bringing themselves joy, but also enriching the lives of people around them.

Our values are truth, transparency, excellence and trust. To show kindness and compassion in all our efforts to connect, create and celebrate life through conversations on canvas.

Original Art

Inspired by truth.

Art for All

Connecting people from all spheres of life.

Create Change

Let’s see the beautiful.

Alani Nel

Enthusiastic creator of all things beautiful

Johan Nel

Passionate foodie & DIY guru

Mariska Munnik

Attorney by day, adventure seeker by heart